Angry Pakistanis on Sunny Deol's Gadar 2 | ' Yeh zaraa Yahaan Aye, to hum ise batayenge'

Gadar 2 is getting a lot of love from its fans and people are saying good things about it all over the country. But, there are some folks in Pakistan who feel really embarrassed about how Sunny Deol, the actor, is shown beating up people from Pakistan in the movie. A video where a reporter from Pakistan shows the part of the movie with Sunny Deol to different people, is spreading a lot on social media. He asks them what they think about it.

Gadar 2

Some people are not taking this situation too seriously, while others are challenging Sunny Deol to a fight. In the past, when a reporter from that country talked to people, many of them were not happy about something Sunny Deol's character said in the movie. He said, 'If even today the people from your country get a chance to go back to India... then half of that country will be empty.'

Now, let's talk about "Gadar 2" the movie. It's doing really well in theaters. This movie is a continuation of a movie called "Gadar: Ek Prem Katha" that came out in 2001. In that movie, Sunny Deol played a truck driver named Tara, and Ameesha Patel played Sakina. The story was set during the time when India was being divided in 1947. In "Gadar 2" the story keeps going, and Tara Singh, played by Sunny Deol, goes to the other country to try and save his son, who is played by Utkarsh Sharma and has been taken there. The movie was directed by Anil Sharma.

This new movie has done really well at the box office, meaning a lot of people went to see it. It had the second-best opening in 2023, right after another movie called "Pathaan" which had Shah Rukh Khan in it. When they were celebrating the movie's success, Sunny Deol said, 'I was pretty worried before the movie came out. But when it finally did, I had a mix of tears and laughter all night. My dad was there and he noticed. I told him, 'I haven't even had a drink. I'm just really, really happy.'

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