3d Printed Post Office being buit in Bengaluru, India.

According to recent news reports, a 3d Printed Post Office is being built in Bengaluru, and it is also stated that this is the first of it's kind in India. But this is not the first ever 3d printed building in India. Apart from just printing third dimensional toys and many decorative things, people are excited to see the 3d printing technology making it's place in the large scale building and construction industry, and most of their concern is that if this technique is safe and how reliable is this method in terms of longevity. And is it truly cost effective?

India's First 3d Printed Post Office, Bengaluru

India's First 3d Printed Post Office is located next to a hospital in Bengaluru's Cambridge layout.

The construction is being built by the construction giant company Larcen and Tubro, this 1,100 sqft structure is being printed by a huge 3d printer, and the construction materials being used to build this structure are Cement, M Sand, Fly ash, Plastic Fibers and AD Mixtures. A planned building blueprint is being used by the 3d printer to build the structure layer by layer. The proposed three storied post office building has already got clearance from the Building Materials and Technology Promotion Council of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, and got Clearance from IIT-Madras too.

It is estimated that the construction cost of this 3d Printed Post Office will be around 30% - 40% lower than a traditional building. The estimated price is around 23 lakh rupees. One of many cost saving factor is that the need of man power in this construction is very low, as in this 1,100 square feet construction Only five people are engaged.

When this 3d Building Construction will be finished, this could become the next Point of  Interest for the people of Bangalore. This Technology has Caught the attention of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and has Twitted about this Bulding.

But this is not the First 3d Printed Building of India.

The first 3d Printed Building Of India was built at the IIT Madras Campus in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The house was constructed by  Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, This startup was founded by IIT Madras Alumni, a part of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affair (MoHUA). It was a 600 square feet single story house and was inaugurated by Nirmala Sitharaman. 

Picture of the First 3d Printed House of India.

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