Nude Scenes in OMG 2, Akshay Kumar’s new film, were trimmed by the Censor Board | Know how many changes were made?

Akshay Kumar's much-awaited film OMG 2 is finally set to hit the theaters. The movie had been stuck in the review stage of the censor board for a long time. However, after receiving an A certificate, the film's trailer has been released, and it is now Ready for the Theaters. The makers of the film, including Pankaj Tripathi and Akshay Kumar, have made several changes in the movie based on the censor board's recommendations. Let's take a look at the significant alterations made to OMG 2.

1. Change in Character Identity

The censor board faced challenges with Akshay Kumar's character portrayal. In the original version, Akshay was depicted as Lord Shiva, and the film touched on the topic of sex education. This combination of divinity and sex education could have stirred emotions among the audience. Consequently, the most significant change was shifting his identity from Lord Shiva to his divine messenger.

2. Alcohol References Replaced

The film initially had scenes where liquor was offered as offerings to the gods. To avoid controversy, the board requested the filmmakers to replace these scenes with offerings of milk or other non-alcoholic substances.

3. Modified Dialogues

Several dialogues in the film had references to adult content, scriptures, and ancient texts. The censor board insisted on modifying these dialogues to maintain a family-friendly tone and respect cultural sentiments.

4. Removal of Nudity Scenes

Initially, there were frontal nudity scenes featuring Naga sadhus in the film. These scenes were replaced with more appropriate content to make the film suitable for a wider audience.

5. Fictional City Name

The film's story is set in the imaginary city of Ujjain, associated with the deity Mahakal. To avoid religious controversies, the censor board ordered the filmmakers to rename the city to a fictional name.

6. School Name Change

In the film, a school was referred to using its real name. However, the board requested the school's name be changed to a generic name to avoid any legal issues or misrepresentations.

7. Replacing Offensive Terms

Certain dialogues that were deemed offensive by the censor board underwent replacements to ensure the film's content remains respectful and non-controversial.

8. Sensitivity towards Sexual Themes

The film features a sexologist, Dr. Prakash Kothari, who educates about masturbation. To ensure that the content remains informative yet sensitive, the board recommended changing certain dialogues and terms.

9. Child's Involvement in Sexual Act

A scene showing a minor engaging in a sexual act was a major concern for the censor board. This scene was entirely removed from the film to comply with the guidelines.

10. Removal of Offensive Gestures

Certain sexual gestures made by a sex worker during a courtroom scene were deemed inappropriate. These gestures were eliminated from the final cut of the film.


With the changes made in response to the censor board's recommendations, "OMG 2" is now ready to entertain audiences. The filmmakers have diligently addressed the concerns raised by the board, ensuring a more culturally sensitive and family-friendly movie-watching experience. As "OMG 2" and Sunny Deol's "Gadar 2" gear up for a box-office clash, it will be interesting to see which film emerges victorious.


1. Will OMG 2 have any reference to Lord Shiva?

No, the film has changed Akshay Kumar's character from Lord Shiva to his divine messenger to avoid controversies.

2. Are there any nudity scenes in the movie?

No, all nudity scenes have been replaced with more appropriate content.

3. Is the film still set in Ujjain?

While the film's story remains in the backdrop of Ujjain, the city's name has been changed to a fictional one.

4. Does the film feature any offensive terms?

The filmmakers have carefully addressed the use of offensive terms and replaced them with more respectful alternatives.

5. What is the new release date for "OMG 2"?

"OMG 2" is set to release on August 11th in theatres.

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