B.Ed candidates are not Eligible For Primary TET | Supreme Court's final judgement shocked all the B.Ed passed Candidates

B.Ed vs D.El.Ed was a very sensitive topic for more than One and a Half year among the Primary TET Comepetiotors. While the D.El.Ed candidates were only able to take part in the Primary TET examinations, they were unable to compete for any other teacher recruitment procedure, The B.Ed Candidates had a more greater opportunity to be a part of Higher Secondary and Upper Primary teacher recruitment process, Especially when the High Court and WBTET selection board announced that B.Ed candidates can also compete for the upcoming exams. This decision made the B.Ed candidates somewhat happy while the Competition became tougher for the D.El.Ed passed candidates.

The main concern of the D.El.Ed course certification holders were, If B.Ed candidates can also take part in the primary teacher selection examinations, Then what is the point of doing the D.El.Ed course, as the B.Ed candidates can compete in the previously D.El.Ed only competitive exam, but the D.El.Ed candidates can't compete for High School teacher selection process. While the B.Ed candidates were happy to have one more chance during their job pursue period. 

In the Year 2018, on 28th June, NCTE produced Gazette recognized the B.Ed passed candidates were eligible for Primary TET exams. Till date as many of the recruitment boards of various staes selected B.Ed candidates as Primary teachers, depending on that gazette mentioned ealier. Now the question arises, what will happen to the teachers, who are already engaged for more than five years, holding B.Ed Certification? As they are not the cause of any fault. 

While the High Court of West Bengal gave judgement that B.Ed candidates can take part in TET Examinations, The High Court of Rajasthan came to conclusion at first that only the D.El.Ed candidates will be eligible for the primary teacher selection process. Now, The Supreme Court also has come to same conclusion and gave the final judgement today 11th august 2023 that the B.Ed candidates will be exempted from the Primary TET Eligibility.

Yet, as of now, it is not clear that if the Primary teacher selection board of West Bengal comes with any options to the supreme court, as many B.Ed candidates has passed the previous Primary Teacher Selection Examination. Therefore It is still unclear that if the B.Ed candidates who passed the examination of TET, Will they be able to take part in the Interviews or not!

The Akhil Bhartiya Teachers Association stated, They will go through a discussion with the NCTE and the High court regarding asking for review of the case.  

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