Don 3 Movie teaser released | Know why Shahrukh Khan is not in Don 3

On 9th august 2023, the much-awaited sequel of the “Don Franchise”, Don 3 announcement teaser was released. Shahrukh khan and Don fans were eagerly waiting for the confirmation of the movie for a long time. But why SRK and Don fans are disappointed with the teaser of the film? This short article will give you all the answers of the questions.


Don 3

In 2006, after Amitabh Bachchan’s Original “Don”, which was a great hit of the 70’s. The franchise kick-started again with "Don", where Shah Rukh Khan portrayed the titular character with flair and intensity. The film garnered praise for its stylish execution and plot twists that kept viewers guessing until the end.

Five years later, "Don 2" continued the saga, elevating the stakes and suspense. With its international backdrop and intricate heist sequences, the film solidified the franchise's position as a force to be reckoned with.

After the great success of Shahrukh Khan’s “Pathaan”, Everyone was waiting for the Don 3 to come to theatres and was expecting to see mind boggling action sequences like they have seen in “Pathaan”. But the Don 3 teaser portrayed Ranveer Singh as Don. While some are excited to see the energetic actor in action as Don. Some are unhappy to know that Shahrukh is not Playing Don. And kept them questioning why Shahrukh Left the Don Franchise?

Ranveer Singh in Don 3

As seen in the announcement teaser, Don 3 Film’s Costume looks great, The Dialogue delivery by Ranveer Singh already made place in many hearts. The energetic and Iconic BGM of Don, can be heard playing in the Background of the teaser. Ranveer Singh’s “Don” look is way too different from the Shahrukh’s or Amitabh Bachchan’s “Don”. The announcement teaser gained more than 7 million views in Youtube and is holding the 6th trending position.

Since, Ranveer Singh mentioned in many events earlier that he is a huge Shahrukh Fan. After being in the upcoming Don film, Ranveer expressed his happiness by posting his childhood picture, holding a toy gun, which is too cute to handle. In the Instagram post Ranveer mentioned “I have been dreaming about doing this for a very very long time!”

Ranveer Singh as Don 3

                                        Picture Credit : Ranveer Singh's Official Instagram

Why Shahrukh is not In Don 3?

According to a report from Pinkvilla, “Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani have had multiple detailed discussions with Shah Rukh Khan on Don 3. Before the pandemic, a couple of ideas were also discussed, which took the shape of a script through the pandemic. Meetings have happened recently too, but Shah Rukh is not too keen to get back as Don again at this point in time. He is willing to do commercial films that cater to a universal section of the audience, and Don certainly doesn’t fit the bracket of cinema that he is willing to do for the coming few years.” 

Finally the answer is, Shahrukh wasn’t removed from the movie, The King Khan rejected the movie Himself. Shahrukh Fans should not be disappointed because the mentioned report indirectly indicates that many movies featuring Shahrukh, as "Pathaan" and "Jawaan" are coming in the near future.

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