Jammu and Kashmir's Brave Stand: Students March Against Ragging and Drug Abuse

Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir: A procession was organized today in the Srinagar district, comprising of students from local schools and professionals, with the aim of promoting awareness against the harmful practices of ragging and drug abuse.

In a proactive move, the University Grants Commission recently designated August 12 as Anti-Ragging Day, followed by an Anti-Ragging Week from August 12 to the 18th.

Jammu Kashmir students march against drugs and ragging

This collaborative rally was orchestrated with the involvement of a Non-Governmental Organization and the Indian Army. Winding its way through various parts of the city, the procession sought to ignite consciousness about the dangers associated with ragging and drug misuse.

The participants, including both students and professionals, held up placards displaying messages such as "Ragging Constitutes a Criminal Act" and "Ragging Will Not Be Tolerated," unequivocally condemning the act of ragging and the use of drugs.

Altaf Mehraj, a practicing advocate based in Srinagar, shared with ANI that this demonstration is the result of a collective effort involving the NGO and the Indian Army. He noted, "We have witnessed instances where newcomers face taunts and, in certain cases, even physical torment from their seniors within certain educational institutions." He recalled a 2001 Supreme Court decree that unequivocally prohibited ragging across the nation, reiterating, "Ragging has no place in any civil society. It should be strictly banned."

Nasir, a student hailing from Kupwara who actively took part in the rally, conveyed to ANI, "I earnestly urge all seniors to desist from engaging in ragging within educational institutions. This behavior takes an emotional toll. Similarly, I implore everyone to refrain from drug usage, given its far-reaching adverse impacts on society, including our parents."

Speaking to ANI, Jahinger Bakshi, the Secretary of the District Legal Services Authorities in Srinagar, explained, "Through this event, our intention is to foster awareness regarding the grave consequences of ragging. Such conduct has no place within our educational institutions. Under the pretext of initiation, senior students subject their junior counterparts to various forms of harassment." He underscored the unfortunate reality that some students resort to suicide due to ragging, although he couldn't provide specific instances. He added, "The administration of Jammu and Kashmir has expressly outlawed ragging within educational settings." This prohibition is reinforced by the Jammu and Kashmir Prohibition of Ragging Act of 2011, stipulating that anyone found guilty of ragging within or outside an educational institution may face imprisonment for up to two years, a fine of up to Rs 10,000, or both.

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